Harper’s Playground branding campaign

Fall of 2015
“Creativity for Strategic Communication”
Level of creativity: off the charts
Level of stress: overwhelming

Every year, the Strategic Communication cohort gets together for one gargantuan group project that focuses on improving communication for a local non-profit.

This year’s client was Harper’s Playground, a local organization that is changing the world one playground at a time. They create amazing playgrounds that are accessible to people of all abilities and ages. (Yes, I absolutely climbed and played all over the playground. That grass hill is the most amazing slide!)


I got assigned as the Creative Director for the project, with the task to come up with a visual brand that represents the strategy. Since I do not have any design experience (unless you count the Photoshop work I do swapping people’s faces…), I had to learn InDesign and Illustrator pretty quick. Lucky for me, we had a Design workshop that term, where I learned enough InDesign skills to get myself started.