48 hr Film Project 2014

We have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film. It is a weekend of chaos and a lot of fun.

I produced and directed this film. It was the first time this was done by an all-female crew and cast. About time I say!

Chasing Ghosts from Lucila Cejas on Vimeo.

Added extra! A fun article on us that Willamette Week wrote: The Portland 48 Hour Film Project: A Diary


I took a Documentary Production class at PSU with Steve Amen from OPB’ Oregon Field Guide. It was a fun class. We got to watch a lot of documentaries that I have been wanting to watch, and some I never even heard of. Bur we also got to talk a lot about all aspects of production, something Steve is┬ávery experienced in.

It was quite interesting to do this project. When the subject is oneself, it really makes you see things you would not have seen before.

This is my jouney into the terrarium obsession. I must say my obsession changed after making this video. I got tired of terrariums (and did not like the fact that they had no drainage). Now I am just obsessed with plants. My house has never had so much oxygen!