Harper’s Playground branding campaign

Fall of 2015
“Creativity for Strategic Communication”
Level of creativity: off the charts
Level of stress: overwhelming

Every year, the Strategic Communication cohort gets together for one gargantuan group project that focuses on improving communication for a local non-profit.

This year’s client was Harper’s Playground, a local organization that is changing the world one playground at a time. They create amazing playgrounds that are accessible to people of all abilities and ages. (Yes, I absolutely climbed and played all over the playground. That grass hill is the most amazing slide!)


I got assigned as the Creative Director for the project, with the task to come up with a visual brand that represents the strategy. Since I do not have any design experience (unless you count the Photoshop work I do swapping people’s faces…), I had to learn InDesign and Illustrator pretty quick. Lucky for me, we had a Design workshop that term, where I learned enough InDesign skills to get myself started.




White t-shirt project

The ‘White T-Shirt Project’ has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done as a student. The task was to create a brand with only one type of product: white t-shirts. After that, the sky was the limit.

The class got divided into two teams of four. Our team came up with a premium white t-shirt delivery service. Much like Birchbox, customers would receive products from different brands, giving them the ability to try different styles and fabrics. The beautiful thing about Chemise is that parents could schedule the delivery to arrive at their child’s growth rate, making sure no growth spurs would leave them shirtless.

My job was to be part of the strategic team and visualize our ideas. I won’t lie; it was incredibly cute to look at baby photos every day.


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Blue Star vs. Voodoo Doughnuts

Our second term in Graduate School welcomed us with interesting and exciting classes. We divided our time between Marketing and Quantitative Research Methods.

I will lay it to you straight: I love surveys. At a first glance, it may sound self-centered since most people like them because it gives them an opportunity to talk about themselves (which I don’t mind). But it is more than that. As a lover of human research, I believe surveys are absolutely necessary for a variety of reasons (and when combined with qualitative research, the result is a lot more than the sum of the parts).

We had the opportunity to design and conduct a survey in the city of Portland. My team and I decided to compare the opinions and attitudes of customers at Voodoo Doughnuts and Blue Star Donuts. As the Team Leader, is was my job to make sure all the surveys were valid and input and analyze the data. Second confession of the day: as much as I am a message driven communicator, I absolutely love spreadsheets. Having real data in front of me and finding unique correlations was one of the most thrilling moments of this class (yes, I am a dork and I OWN it).

Here are some of the charts I made for the project. Not surprisingly, Voodoo was a tourist hotspot while Blue Star was the local favorite.

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48 hr Film Project 2014

We have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film. It is a weekend of chaos and a lot of fun.

I produced and directed this film. It was the first time this was done by an all-female crew and cast. About time I say!

Chasing Ghosts from Lucila Cejas on Vimeo.

Added extra! A fun article on us that Willamette Week wrote: The Portland 48 Hour Film Project: A Diary

Interview with Fred Armisen

There is no need to give a backstory on this one. The story itself is the backstory.

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I took a Documentary Production class at PSU with Steve Amen from OPB’ Oregon Field Guide. It was a fun class. We got to watch a lot of documentaries that I have been wanting to watch, and some I never even heard of. Bur we also got to talk a lot about all aspects of production, something Steve is very experienced in.

It was quite interesting to do this project. When the subject is oneself, it really makes you see things you would not have seen before.

This is my jouney into the terrarium obsession. I must say my obsession changed after making this video. I got tired of terrariums (and did not like the fact that they had no drainage). Now I am just obsessed with plants. My house has never had so much oxygen!

Tango Berretin

I had the privilege to join Oregon Art Beat in one of their shoots. I was able to witness first-hand how they produced their segments, and I even got a chance to interview the owner of Tango Berretin and take photos.
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Seattle and Portland among the greenest cities

I wrote this on my first day at OPB. It was a small and fun piece, perfect for the first day nerves. I even got to leave the office to take photos of the PSU solar panels on a bright summer day. What a day!

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